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I’m Bambie Mandani Takeshita, 20++ years old, a mother to an adorable and pretty girl Azumi, a filipino married to a Japanese, currently living a FAB, happy, and simple life in the fast paced city of Tokyo, Japan.

I enjoy staying at home with my loved ones on Fridays, ocassionally have drinks with my friends and Japanese friends, foodtripping with my husband, a devoted mommy and nanny to my daughter who is such a joy to spend my time with. I love watching DVDs, dramas, taking photos of my food, nature and random things, shopping and a lot more to say. I’m a frustrated photographer and singer. I guess I’m also a loving daughter, dependable friend, sweet partner, and conceited lol.

Basically, I’m a happy person and I try not to entertain negative vibes.

This is yet another online space for my soooo-random thoughts of just about anything. This also an online journal of me -becoming a mother, as I also share about the adventures of my little girl from being a baby until present…

I love taking photos of the things I fancy.

I’ve foregone on making (lameful) resolutions in lieu of simply choosing keywords to live by —that is “to be delighted”.

I want to focus on what about my life delights me. I want to document them through the help of technology.



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